The clem laboratory
of emotional brain plasticity

Emotional memories mediate adaptive behavioral reactions to dangerous and rewarding situations. However, memories acquired during intense emotional experiences also contribute to debilitating conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. One basis for these powerful effects is the association of stimuli that were encountered during trauma or drug use with the experience of threat or pleasure. Our laboratory aims to understand how such associations are stored in the brain, and identify circuit mechanisms by which they can be alleviated.

We utilize molecular and electrophysiological approaches, including optogenetic stimulation, to identify how neural pathways and individual neurons are engaged and modified during memory storage. Once memories are established, other experiments address the mechanisms that contribute to their reinforcement or attenuation by molecular and behavioral interventions.


Roger Clem, PhD

Work in my lab is focused on how experience alters the function of brain circuits to encode emotional responses.

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