laboratory of synaptic circuit development and plasticity
Elizabeth Cropper

Dr. Huntley's laboratory uses multidisciplinary approaches to investigate mechanisms through which strength and organization of synaptic connection are modified during development, by experience, and following brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve injury.

PROFESSOR Neuroscience
Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Training Program
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Neso is a postdoctoral fellow in George Huntley's laboratory who is working with our lab on two projects focused on striatal circuit development.

Nebojsa (Neso) Kezunovic
Postdoctoral Fellow

Roxi is a technical innovator and has established techniques like in utero electroporation and neuron transplantation in the lab. Her expertise runs the gamut from stem cell proliferation in vitro to neural circuits in vivo. She has been investigating the cellular mechanisms underlying the influence of Sema7A on the establishment of cortical circuits during development and will be working on the effects of Cyfip1 on synapse development. Roxi is also a Posse Foundation alumna and an active leader in the Posse community.

Roxana Mesias
Senior Research Coordinator

Frances is continuing the work that she started as a summer undergraduate researcher last year on the role that cadherin-8 contributes to the generation of prefrontal cortex-striatal connectivity and to dendrite self-recognition and is working with Bridget and Neso (see Huntley lab) on the effects of LRRK2 on dendrite arborization in dorsal striatum. This is a project run jointly by the Benson and Huntley labs.

Frances Williams
Research Coordinator
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