Mobbs Lab
Aging &Metabolism


B.S. Biology 1978
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Ph.D. Cell/Molecular Biology 1984
Univ. of Southern California
Mentor: Caleb Finch, Ph.D.


NIH Post-doctoral fellowship 1984-1988
Rockefeller University, NY
Mentor: Donald Pfaff, Ph.D.

Grant and Contract Support

Source, Number, Title Dates
Current Support
American Diabetes Association, "Role of endogenous opioid system in impaired responses to hypoglycemia" 08/01/12 - 07/31/15
Diabetes Action Foundation, "Prevention and reversal of diabetic neuropathy by a ketogenic diet" 01/01/15 - 02/31/16
4D program for translational research, "High-throughput protocols to screen for drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease" 10/01/08 - 09/30/11
Recent Past
NIH/NIDDK, "Protective role of creb-binding protein in maturation and aging” 07/01/08 - 06/30/11
NIH/NIDDK "Hypothalamic glucokinase in obesity and diabetes” 07/01/09 - 03/31/11
JDRF, "Reversal of counterregulatory failure with valsartan” 07/01/13 - 06/30/14
JDRF, "Prevention and epigenetic mechanisms of metabolic memory” 07/01/13 - 06/30/14
Klarman Foundation, "Role of Hypothalamic Metabolism in Estrogen‐induced Anorexia” 07/01/09 - 06/30/11

NIH/NIDDK, "Novel hypothalamic molecular mechanisms for disorders of energy balance and glucose homeostasis”
07/01/09 - 06/30/10

1974:  National Merit Scholar
1974:  Chancellor Scholar (Texas Christian University)
1975:  McDermott Scholar (MIT)
1979:  Best Teaching Assistant Award (USC)
1981, 1983:  Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Award
1982:  George Sacher Award, Best Student Paper (Gerontol. Soc.)
1985:  Grass Fellowship, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1989:  Glenn Foundation Fellow
1993:  Mentor, Brookdale Foundation
2005:  Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Fellow
2010: Outstanding mentorship, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
2012: Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging

1988: National Academy of Sciences Committee on Aging
1990-1994: Editorial Board, Mechanisms of Aging and Development
1992-1996: Research and Development Committee, VAMC
1992-1996: Institutional Animal Review Committee, VAMC
1992-1996: Co-director, Molecular Diagnostics Core Lab, VAMC
1994-present: Reviewer, American Federation for Aging Research
1997-present: Co-founder of Annual Endocrinology of Aging Symposium
1996-present: Co-editor, “Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology”, Karger 1999-2004: Endocrinology Study Section, NIH (Ad hoc)
2002-2004: Metabolism Study Section, NIH (Ad Hoc)
2002-2005: Canadian Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and
     Diabetes Review Committee (Ad Hoc)
2004-2006: Cellular Aspects of Diabetes and Obesity Study Section (Ad Hoc)
2004-2006: Integrated Physiology of Obesity and Diabetes (CADO) (Ad Hoc)
2003: Panel on Complications, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDFI)
2003-present: Scientific Review Committee, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
2005-2008: Medical Review Committee American Diabetes Association
2005-2009: Editorial Board, Endocrinology 2005-present: Editorial Board, Endocrinology
     (Official journal of the Endocrine Society)
2006-present: Editorial Board, Obesity Research
2006-present: Associate Editor, Obesity and Metabolism
2006-2008: Integrated Physiology of Obesity and Diabetes (Charter)
2006-2009: Steering Committee, Endocrine Society
2006-2009: Endocrine Society Steering Committee
2008-present: Special Emphasis Study Sections
2005-2009: Interventions Testing Program Access Committee, NIA
2009-2017: Chair, Interventions Testing Program Access Committee, NIA

Neurobiology of Aging, Responsible Conduct in Research, Others
Neuroscience of Aging
Drug Discovery
Integrated metabolism
Basic Biology of Aging
Foundations of Biomedical Research