Russo lab
Laboratory of Neural and Immune Mechanisms of Psychiatric Illness

Funding and Awards

1R01MH104559-01 (Russo PI)
Peripheral IL-6 from leukocytes controls susceptibility to social defeat stress.
The goal of this award is to understand the molecular mechanisms within leukocytes that control susceptibility versus resilience to social stress.

1P50AT008661-01 (Russo PI for project 1)
Project 1: Preservation of psychological resilience
The goal of this grant is to test the mechanisms by which grape derived polyphenol extracts promote psychological resilience.

1R01 MH090264 (Russo PI)
NIMH Role of thalamic versus cortical inputs to nucleus accumbens in stress related disorders
The goal of this award is to define the electrophysiological and behavioral effects of thalamic versus cortical glutamate inputs to the NAc in the chronic social defeat stress model.

Irma T. Hirschl/Monique Weill-Caulier Trust Research Award (Russo PI)
Leukocyte derived IL-6 predicts individual differences in susceptibility to social defeat stress
The goal of this award is to understand whether IL-6 from leukocytes controls the pro-depressant effects of chronic social defeat stress.

Honors & Awards

2002 NIDA CPDD Junior Investigator Travel Award
2003 CUNY Robert L. Thompson Award for Excellence
2005 Postdoctoral Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NIH)
2006 Keystone Symposia Scholarship Award
2006 Grand Prize; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Postdoctoral Symposium
2006 NARSAD Young Investigator Award
2007 Invited travel award for NIDA mini-convention at SFN
2008 NARSAD Young Investigator Award
2009 National Academy of Science Kavli Frontiers Fellow
2012 Johnson & Johnson/IMHRO Rising Star Translational Research Award
2012 Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award
2012 Mount Sinai School of Medicine "Best Postdoctoral Mentor" Award
2013 Irma T. Hirschl/Monique Weill-Caulier Trust Research Award
2014 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Faculty Council Award
2015 Thomson Reuters "Highly Cited Researcher"
2015 Thomson Reuters "Most Influential Scientific Minds"