zou lab
laboratory of axonal growth & neuronal regeneration

The lab is interested in molecular mechanisms of how neurons are born, how they extend axons, and how they regenerate or fail to regenerate after mammalian CNS injury. We use in vivo axon injury models, neuronal cultures, molecular biology, and various imaging and tissue engineering techniques to study classic and identify novel signaling pathways and epigenetic mechanisms that promote neurogenesis and axonogenesis. Such knowledge is crucial for targeting molecules for effective CNS regeneration. Similar mechanisms also have relevance in CNS tumor biology. Discovering the molecular driving forces of tumor stem cell migration, proliferation, differentiation and self-renewal will point to novel therapeutic approaches.


Hongyan Zou, MD, PhD
Dr. Zou focuses her clinical practice in minimally-invasive and complex spine, brain and spine tumors and general neurosurgery. Her laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of axonal growth and neurogenesis. Her research will support the development of molecular treatments for neuronal and axonal regeneration.
Finelli, M, Murphy, K, Chen, L, Zou, H. Differential Phosphorylation of Smad1 Integrates BMP and NGF Signaling by Regulating ERK/DUSP during Axon Development. Cell Reports. May. 2013. PMID: 23665221
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