Statement of Sharing

All Center investigators conform with Public Health Service (PHS) policy and make all unique research resources readily available to qualified individuals within the scientific community for research purposes following publication. In many cases, such material is shared prior to publication. Indeed, Center faculty have contributed several lines of mutant mice to Jackson Labs, and have distributed numerous probes, antibodies, viral vectors, and lines of mutant mice to a large number of investigators nationally and internationally.

Research findings from this Center are disseminated to the scientific community and lay public as extensively and as rapidly as possible. The major form of disseminating information to the scientific community is via research publications. One of the most important measures of the success of this Center Grant is the publication of highly novel findings in premiere journals of the field. Please see publications and latest research findings for research resulting from our Conte Center work.

Partial list of Center Resources

To receive information on specific animals, antibodies, or other scientific data, please email your request to the primary author on the publication or the Vena Persaud, administrator for the Center, who will help coordinate such transfers for you.

Genome-Wide Datasets

All data obtained as part of this grant are entered into the public domain once the data are sufficiently replicated and validated. This includes full and complete lists of significantly regulated genes and other genomic loci obtained from the many genome-wide gene and chromatin assays performed as part of this effort. Most such lists are included in publications that result from this work, either in the main texts of the publications or in supplemental information online. Any lists and related information that are not part of these publications are made available freely to the public on the Center's webpage.

In addition, all raw data from these genome-wide sequencing studies, such as FASTQ files, are entered into GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus). To further ensure ready access of our sequencing results to the community in the most user-friendly manner possible, major datasets are available through a track hub ( on the UCSC browser, through which these datasets can be accessed. When you access this track hub, go to "ISMMS_Conte" for Center files. (ISMMS = Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.)

Partial list of Center datasets in GEO

List of chromatin and gene databases, and other information, not included in our scientific publications' supplementary online material.

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New gene and chromatin analytical tools: