This two-day meeting is based on the growing interest in glia biology and in its contribution to neurological and psychiatric disorders. It will bring together leading scientists in the fields of CNS metabolism, epigenetics and glia function.


Anne Schaefer

Patrizia Casaccia

Featured Speakers

Rochelle Buffenstein (Calico)

Marco Colonna (Washington University)

Frederic Geissmann (MSKCC)

Chenghua Gu (Harvard)

Jonathan Kipnis (University of Virginia)

Miriam Merad (Mount Sinai)

Anusha Mishra (OHSU)

Klaus Nave (MPI Goettingen)

Francisco Quintana (Harvard)

Danny Reinberg (NYU)

Paolo Sassone-Corsi (UCI)

Dori Schafer (UMass)

Shai Shaham (Rockefeller University)

Bruno Weber (ETH Zuerich)

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